Feel the freshness with bodywashes : BODYCODE

written by – shivani kundnani

hey lovlies,

I hope you all are fine.This is my very first blog of 2019. Lets start it with the freshness and fragrance.

Anyways, coming to today’s review finally i got the bodywash that i really want thank you bodycode for this satisfaction. From last 2 months i have tried many bodywashes but trust me this is what that i actully need BODYCODE BODYWASH

About the brand :

It is an indian brand. It is for both men and women. It is suitable for all skin types . Its a bodywash and the fragrance is also very good .It comes in three flavours

3 flavours are :

1. lavender and aloevera bodywash

2. Ready to bloom 3in1 head to toe body wash

3. Rose and chandan bodywash

Lavender and aloevera wash:

Mesmerizing lavender with refreshing aloe vera will leave you feeling and smelling beautiful every day.Lavender eleminates depression and aloevera repairs the skin. It comes with lavender colour which is quite amazing

lavender and aloevera

Ready to bloom 3in1 wash:

It has a very strong fragrance of sunflower.Refreshing escape each morning.An all star for head to toe cleaning,scrubbing and gently mosturize your skin and hair. its a good news for people who travels a lot. you only have to carry now this bodywash for head to toe ..

ready to bloom head to toe 3in1

Rose and chandan wash :

It gives you the fragrance of Dewy scent of roses and gentle hints of chandan will make you feel fresh as the morning breeze by the beach.it gives you a veru good texture in your body.The fragrance last for apporximately 7 to 8 hours

rose and chandan

Direction to use BODYCODE bodywash :

1. Wet your body.

2. Pour some gel on a loofah / directly on hands.

3. Gently rub it on your skin to work up a lather.

4. Rinse using water.

Use as : Body Wash | Shower Gel

Skin Type : Dry Skin | Oily Skin | Combination Type

Unisex : For Men | Women

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